Fearless Lettering

Fearless Lettering

Fearless Lettering is back in stock! Grab your digital workbook here.

Hello! I’m Sarah, owner of Ensign Insights, hand letter artist, and ice cream connoisseur. I started lettering during a time when I needed to be reminded how to be happy. Lettering became my therapy. But I started seeing so much talent and realized that I wasn’t even an artist. My letters didn’t look as good as everyone else. I got caught in the comparing monster’s trap. That’s when I had the idea for my new workbook, Fearless Lettering. I spent months working through a process to create confidence in my lettering, my unique style. And guess what? I found a way to escape the comparing monster’s trap and accept myself for all that I am! That’s the magic contained inside Fearless Lettering. I am excited to share that process with you!

Here’s what you’ll read on the back cover:

Find yourself comparing your lettering to others and questioning if you are good enough? Want to feel more confident in finding your lettering style? If so, then Fearless Lettering is for you. Whether you are a beginner, pro, or somewhere in the middle, there’s something for everyone in this uniquely styled workbook. Join hand lettering artist Sarah Ensign as she guides you through a process to become more confident in creating your own style and discovering your truest self through lettering.

So what are you waiting for? Grab a pencil, crack open this workbook, and get ready to learn, practice, color, journal, and gain more confidence in your lettering and your life!

Watch this quick video to see what’s inside!

I would love for you to join me in creating a happier, more confident lettering style! 🙂

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