Learn hand lettering while creating your own beautiful journal

Want to learn hand lettering, but not sure where to start? Hand Lettering can be an amazing form of self-care but a lot can get in the way– like finding the time or not knowing what to practice.

What if you could learn the basics of hand lettering and create a beautiful *finished* mini journal at the same time?

In just 5 days. . .

Worried yours won’t turn out?

I’ve created a printable worksheet for you to trace and fold into the journal. Tracing hand lettering worksheets is really helpful when you’re learning.

But this isn’t just any worksheet– when folded the right way, it turns into a mini journal! And all you need is ONE sheet of paper!

Check out this video to see what I mean:

Take a look inside!

You’ll receive an email each day with video tutorials and step-by-step instructions to get you started learning hand lettering. You’ll want to plan for 15 minutes a day.

Learn what supplies you’ll need and how to fold the journal
The Basic Strokes
Start your foundation right in a fun, simple way.
Faux Calligraphy
Practice with a regular pen to understand forming letters.
The Alphabet
Practice a simple alphabet to get you started with letters.
Lettering Words
Learn how to connect letters to create words.
Lettering Quotes
Start with a simple quote and learn how to create your own.

Bad handwriting?

No matter what your handwriting looks like, you can learn hand lettering! Here’s my early hand lettering compared to now:

copy of about

oh hey!I m Sarah!

I can’t wait to be your lettering friend

I’m a hand lettering artist and creator of Ensign Insights where I teach hand lettering. I started hand lettering in 2016 and it has changed my life! I’m passionate about helping you create hand lettering that feels like your best self.

In 2021, I experienced extreme burnout. I started a hand lettering journal simply to make it through each day. It has been an amazing creative outlet and a tangible way to use my hand lettering to feel like my best self!

I am so excited to share this mini lettering journal with you to hopefully inspire you to start your own hand lettering journal!