Ensign Insights is an uplifting brand designed by me, Sarah Ensign. It’s all about hand lettering and creating your own confident, happy life. Through teaching and creative hand lettering, my goal is to share my love of life to strengthen the unsung hero.

My mission with Ensign Insights is to inspire creativity as a source of happiness and healing to uplift the unsung hero. I am passionate about helping others create happiness and see their own worth. Learning to hand letter has done that for me, and I am excited to share that with others.

I’m so happy you’re here! Feel free to contact me here. 🙂


More about me!

I grew up next to the beautiful mountains of Utah, lived near the breath taking Puget Sound of Washington, and currently live in the forest/mountains of Alaska. I am married to my best friend who is a Physical Therapy student and my full-time listener/supporter. I studied Family and Consumer Sciences Education at Brigham Young University and enjoyed teaching high school kids about nutrition, cooking, and being self sufficient, among many other things.

I started my design and hand lettering journey in March 2016 during a dark time of my life. I experienced a darkness like I have never felt before and I needed something to pull me out of it. Hand lettering did that for me. If you would like to read the full story, I shared it here. 🙂

Why ice cream?

Do you have to ask? Ice cream brings me so much happiness, which is the whole goal of my brand. It’s my favorite sweet treat. I like all ice cream flavors but especially anything with chocolate, caramel, hazelnut, peanut butter, cookie dough, oreos, etc. You get the point.

Also, I have so many pleasant memories with ice cream. In high school, being the busy, active student I was, I constantly had homework to do late into the night. My dad would often bring me a bowl of ice cream to take a break. He would eat his bowl of ice cream with me and then leave me to my homework when we were done. Just like I needed a break from homework, we all need some time to take our mind off of our struggles. My website is like a bowl of ice cream. Come enjoy a break from your struggles!