I often say the best pens to start with are the pens you have! But I know it can be overwhelming because there are so many pens. That’s why I created this list on my amazon favorites with all of the pens I recommend!

It depends what you’re going for! Some of my favorites are HP Premium 32 paper, Rhodia notepads, and Bristol Smooth paper. For more details, check out my video with 5 papers for hand lettering beginners.

No worries! You can use any pen when you learn faux calligraphy!

All of my tutorials and videos are a great resource for you! If you want the quickest, easiest way to start, check out my book: Hand Lettering for Beginners!

Nope! Hand lettering is different than regular handwriting and cursive so as long as you’re ready to learn a new skill, it doesn’t matter what your handwriting looks like!

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