The Best Frames for a Square Gallery Wall

The Best Frames for a Square Gallery Wall

I was recently introduced to these frames and I am in love! I wanted to do a square gallery wall with some of my lettering designs and these frames from Tiny Mighty Frames were definitely the best option. Just look at that gorgeous gold!

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I filled my frames with rainbow quotes because rainbow and gold have to go together.They are easy to use and and a square gallery wall is so much easier to hang up than a random gallery wall (I’ve recently done both!). They come with a 4×4 matte. I chose not to use the matte with my current designs, but I may use them in the future.

I also love that you can find these Tiny Mighty Frames on Amazon. Amazon makes things so easy to purchase. I was given a 9-pack of these gold frames to try not knowing if they were going to be good or not. But now I love them and would definitely recommend them.

They come in several different sizes and colors. If you want really small frames for Instagram photos, these are the only frames I’ve seen that specialize in “tiny.”

Check out these frames! And let me know if you have tried them! Do you have a favorite frame?

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