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Fearless Lettering Workbook


A lettering workbook to guide you through a process of creating your own style. If you live in an EU country, for tax purposes please purchase this workbook here. Thank you!


This is the E-book of the Fearless Lettering workbook. Printable hand lettering worksheets that you can instantly download and print at home or use for ipad lettering practice. This also includes brush lettering practice sheets. I guide you through a process of creating your own lettering style. This workbook also includes my 26 Ways to letter practice sheets for the uppercase and lowercase alphabet. You can use small or large brush pens with this workbook.

Fearless Lettering: An Interactive Workbook to Create Your Confident Lettering Style.

This book is 123 pages of lettering practice, learning, confidence building, journaling, coloring, and interactive activities.

-Because of the digital nature of this workbook, there will be no refunds.
-Please respect the copyright and use this for PERSONAL USE only. Thank you.

Here’s a little snippet of what the workbook is about:
Find yourself comparing your lettering to others and questioning if you are good enough? Want to feel more confident in finding your lettering style? If so, then Fearless Lettering is for you. Whether you are a beginner, pro, or somewhere in the middle, there’s something for everyone in this uniquely styled workbook. Join hand lettering artist Sarah Ensign as she guides you through a process to become more confident in creating your own style and discovering your truest self through lettering.

So what are you waiting for? Grab a pencil, crack open this workbook, and get ready to learn, practice, color, journal, and gain more confidence in your lettering and your life!


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