Lettering Videos: How To Film and Edit Videos on Your Phone

Lettering Videos: How To Film and Edit Videos on Your Phone

Are you obsessed with lettering videos and art videos? They’re all the rage, right? If you’ve seen my Instagram feed, you know that 95% of my posts are all videos. I have wanted to make lettering videos from the very beginning of my lettering journey. Because I have always loved watching them, and still do. I love watching other artist’s videos, I love watching my own videos… They are just so satisfying.

Some of the most commonly asked questions I get are about my videos. How do you film your videos? How do you get such good lighting? How do you place your phone the right way? What tripod do you use? How do you edit? What apps do you use? I have great news. I have just released a Skillshare class all about it! I share with you all the behind-the-scenes secrets.

What you’ll need

The only real requirement is that you have a phone. I will be using my iPhone, but I will be sharing some tricks for Android users as well.

You don’t need a tripod because I will share with you how you can film without one, but if you want one, I use this gooseneck tripod for my phone or this standing tripod for my iPad. I filmed and edited my whole Skillshare class either on my phone or iPad! 

As for lighting, I have these large lights because I make a lot of videos. But I will show you in the class how you can use natural light which is free! I haven’t used these desk lights, but I’ve heard good things about them and they are a great alternative to my floor lights. I also have one of these desk lights that I used before I got my big lights. The key is that you want “daylight” bulbs.

What apps do you use?

I use A Color Story to edit the lighting and it’s an app for iPhone or Android users so anyone can use it.

To edit the actual clips, I use iMovie. It’s an incredible video editing app for free, right on your phone. I think everyone should have at least one Apple product just for this app. If you only have Android, I’ve heard great things about Filmorago or Videoshop.

Check out my Skillshare class here for all the details!

Note: This post contains affiliate links which just helps me create more things for you with no cost to you!

I am a huge believer in using what you have! So here is a picture of my old lettering/filming area. I wrote a blog post about it in October 2016! I took down the post because it desperately needed to be updated, as you can see here.  🙂

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