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Left Handed Lettering for Beginners: The Best Lefty Tips

Are you a lefty learning to hand letter? Left-handed lettering doesn’t have to be hard. You can learn brush lettering as a lefty! In this post, I’m giving you the best lefty tips from left-handed letterers. I’m right-handed, but I have taught lefties and I have several lefty lettering friends. I asked some of my lefty friends what they would share with lefty hand lettering beginners. They were very generous to share what has worked for them!

Left handed lettering for beginners. The best lefty tips to learn brush lettering!

Left Handed Lettering for Beginners

Sometimes a lefty asks me if they can learn hand lettering. The answer is a big yes! If you are a lefty, you can definitely learn! The brush pen works the same way as I described in my post How to Hold a Brush Pen, but as a lefty there may be a few more things you have to think about. For example, because we write from left to write, your hand may smudge the ink as you are lettering. You may want to find some pens that dry quickly or find a position for your hand that won’t smudge.

I shared a video where I talked about How to Hold a Brush Pen and this still applies to lefties but opposite. A brush pen still works the same way, but lefties may have a little more to think about which is why I wanted to get advice from some lefty friends!

In this video, I asked some of my lefty friends to help me out. They gave me their best lefty tips and advice they wish they had known as a lettering beginner.

The Best Lefty Tips from Left Handed Letterers:

Here are my lefty friends that generously gave lefty advice in this video:

Tom from @boxroomart.

Jenni from @secondjenletters.

Joey from @joeys_designs.

Britney from @theletteringjourney.

Jess from @artbypanza.

Tanya from @handletteredandloved.

Jess from @thebpdletterer.

Nicole from @nicolecalligraphyco.

Other left handed letterers:

Dawn Nicole Designs

Missy Briggs

Logos Calligraphy

Are you a lefty or righty? What other lefty tips would you add?

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  1. Thank you so much for making this video! I am a lefty, and I just started bullet journaling and want so much to do beautiful hand lettering. It has been a struggle trying to find a way to adapt all the lettering videos I see to left handed so this was an amazing resource to find to get started. Thanks again!!!!!