Learn how to hand letter Q in creative lettering styles. This is brush lettering uppercase Q and lowercase q using brush pens. The goal is to help you with your hand lettering alphabet and give you some ideas of things you can change up in your lettering style. The letter Q has so many variations, you get to decide what you create to express your confident style. I hope these 10 ways to hand letter Q gives you some lettering inspiration.

How to Hand Letter Q in creative lettering styles. Learn hand lettering by practicing each letter of the alphabet in different styles. | Ensign Insights

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Feel free to practice the letters in this image! The pens used for this post are really inexpensive. If you are curious about them, I talk about them in my video The Cheapest Brush Pens Review. And in case you don’t know which brush pens to start lettering with, see my post 3 Best Brush Pens for Beginners.

Free Hand Lettering Worksheets

In my Insider Scoop (weekly newsletter) I email a free lettering practice each week. Right now I’m sending my 26 Ways to Letter practice sheets. I hope this gives you some brush lettering inspiration to branch out and create your own style. Along with the free practice sheet, I also give a Scoop of Confidence where I share something about confidence in lettering that has been on my mind for the week.

Hand Letter Q Inspiration

The letter Q is such a weird letter. For one thing, it’s not in very many common words so we don’t use it that often. But also, it really just looks different. Lowercase Q is just an oval and then the bottom half of the letter f. Uppercase Q is just an O and then a little mark through it. That seems easy enough right? But whoever thought of putting a little line through an O to make a Q? And have you seen some fancy script or old style uppercase Q’s? Some of them totally look made up! But sometimes it’s ok not to understand everything.

We may try to understand everything because it makes us more confident when we know more. Of course, we want to know as much as we can about the thing we want to be confident in. However, we don’t want to lose our sense of wonder. It’s ok not to understand everything because it helps us feel like there is more to learn. Confidence isn’t knowing everything, confidence is being willing to learn anything. And along with that, confidence is knowing that you don’t know everything.

So instead of getting down about it, today let’s be excited about all the things we get to learn!

How to Hand Letter Q in different lettering styles. Learn lettering by practicing creative lettering styles. | Ensign Insights

26 Lettering Styles for Letter Q

Do you want to practice your letters with me? Here is my YouTube video with 26 Ways to Letter Q.

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