This lettering tutorial is about how to hand letter F in ten lettering styles. This is uppercase F and lowercase f using brush pen lettering. The goal is to help you with your hand lettering alphabet whether you are a hand lettering beginner or a pro. In my own life, I’ve noticed that lettering can give us confidence. However, that confidence won’t come if we believe that there is only one way to letter each letter. You get to create your own lettering style. I hope these 10 ways to hand letter F gives you some lettering inspiration.

How to Hand Letter F in 10 Creative Lettering Styles. Uppercase F and lowercase f. Learn lettering by practicing lettering styles. | Ensign Insights

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Feel free to practice the letters in this image! The pens used for this post are Kuretake Fudebiyori. *As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.* They are one of my favorite brush pens for beginners! In case you don’t know which brush pens to start lettering with, see my post 3 Best Brush Pens for Beginners.

Free Lettering Practice Sheets

In my Insider Scoop (weekly newsletter) I email a free lettering practice each week. Right now I’m sending my 26 Ways to Letter practice sheets. I hope this gives you some brush lettering inspiration to branch out and create your own style. Along with the free practice sheet, I also give a Scoop of Confidence where I share something about confidence in lettering that has been on my mind for the week.

Hand Lettering Inspiration

When I started lettering, I knew very little about art and lettering. That’s how it works, right? Well is it true that you can only be confident in something when you know all there is to know about it? NO! Of course, that is a helpful tip to be confident: learn all you can about the thing you want to be confident in. But if we only do things we’re confident in, we’d never find new things to love and be confident in.

So how can we be confident when we’re still learning? I think back to when I started lettering. It was my therapy, the few minutes of the day that I didn’t feel my stress and anxiety. I had NO EXPECTATIONS of what my lettering should look like. I was confident because I loved the way it made me feel, not because I knew everything and lettered perfectly every time. It was in practice that I felt confident, not in any achievements or successes. There were NO MISTAKES. Of course, I was making mistakes, but I never worried about them. I researched and was always learning everything I could about lettering because I was excited about it, not because I wanted to look better than someone or grow a social media following. There were NO COMPARISONS.

It’s funny, the more I learned, the more expectations I had of myself, the more mistakes bothered me, and the more comparisons started to take over. By learning more, I was less confident. That’s why I spent months developing a process of creating your confident style (in my lettering workbook Fearless Lettering). After finally getting my confidence back, now everything I do is based on the confidence that lettering can bring. I’ve felt it both ways and lettering just isn’t very fun when that confidence is missing. To recap:

3 Ways to be Confident in Learning Lettering:

1- No expectations: Don’t expect perfection, just enjoy the process.

2- No mistakes: They’re only helping us learn, don’t let them get you down.

3- No comparisons: No one can do it like you. You don’t need to look like anyone else.

How to Hand Letter F in 10 Lettering Styles. Learn creative lettering. | Ensign Insights

26 Lettering Styles to Hand Letter F

Do you want to practice your letters with me? Here is my YouTube video with 26 Ways to Hand Letter F.

Free Resources to Learn Hand Lettering

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