I’m sharing with you how to hand letter C in ten lettering styles. This is uppercase C and lowercase C using brush pen lettering. The goal is to help you with your hand lettering alphabet whether you are a hand lettering beginner or a pro. In my own life, I’ve noticed that lettering can give us confidence. However, that confidence won’t come if we believe that there is only one way to letter each letter. You get to create your own lettering style. I hope these 10 ways to hand letter C gives you some lettering inspiration.

How to Hand Letter C in 10 Lettering Styles. Learn to letter uppercase C and lowercase C in 10 creative lettering styles. | Ensign Insights

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Feel free to practice the letters in this image! The pens used for this post are Marvy Uchida ColorIn markers. In case you don’t know which brush pens to start lettering with, see my post 3 Best Brush Pens for Beginners.

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In my Insider Scoop (weekly newsletter) I email a free lettering practice each week. Right now I’m sending my 26 Ways to Letter practice sheets. I hope this gives you some brush lettering inspiration to branch out and create your own style. Along with the free practice sheet, I also give a Scoop of Confidence where I share something about confidence in lettering that has been on my mind for the week.

Hand Lettering Inspiration

I go hiking every once in a while up a little mountain. I live in a valley so I’m surrounded by mountains and when it’s foggy, that fog just sits like a blanket in the valley. One morning earlier this week, I woke up to very thick fog. I really didn’t want to get up and go exercise. I was telling myself, I get so down when it’s foggy, going outside isn’t going to help. But I went anyway.

As soon as I got to the mountain and started driving up, all of a sudden there was a blue sky! I was so surprised since just before I could barely even see the traffic lights right in front of me. The sun felt so good and it was an incredible view with the fog hugging the mountains below. I’m so glad I didn’t listen to my morning self in the fog who didn’t want to go exercise. We may believe one thing about ourselves or our lettering that isn’t true. We have feelings that are valid, but they aren’t always true. Sometimes we have to take a leap to do things before we understand why.

So what’s your fog lately? You don’t want to letter because you can’t see yourself getting better? You don’t want to post and share your work because you don’t feel good enough? Do you think the letter C is boring? Don’t listen to those thoughts! Take the next leap you’ve been putting off and see where it takes you!

If you are stuck in the beginning and not sure where to go, you may need an extra push. I have an extra push coming for you! My new workshop called Hand Lettering for Beginners. I teach in-person workshops so I know the most common questions asked. The goal of Hand Lettering for Beginners is for you to feel like you are at one of my workshops, in my office, and in your home. You get the workbook AND all the video lessons with me. It’s really the best deal I’ve offered. Learn more about the Hand Lettering for Beginners workshop.

Creative lettering styles for letter c in uppercase and lowercase. Hand Letter C in 10 lettering styles. | Ensign Insights

26 Lettering Styles for letter C

Do you want to practice your letters with me? Here is my YouTube video with 26 Ways to Letter C.

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