16 Free Spring Fonts to Inspire Your Hand Lettering

Here are my favorite free fonts for Spring to inspire your hand lettering! They’re free for commercial use too! You can use them to create cards, coloring pages, designs for Cricut, or inspire your hand lettering in your journal!

One of my favorite ways to get new ideas for hand lettering is by looking at fonts! I like to use fonts as a reference when I’m designing quotes in my journal. You could also print out the font and use it to trace as you practice your hand lettering!

I made a helpful resource to use these fonts in your hand lettering. Scroll to the end of this post to see it!

Besides using them in my hand lettering journal, I like to add unique fonts to my iPad and use them in Goodnotes, Procreate, and Affinity Designer. I also have the Cricut Design Space app on my iPad so I can use the font directly in my Cricut designs.

Free Spring Fonts To Inspire Your Hand Lettering

Some of these fonts are obviously for spring with cute flowers and leaves. Some of them just give off a refreshing, newness vibe. They have given me some great inspiration for my own hand lettering. So here are my favorite Spring fonts free for commercial use!

1. Flora Garden – Bold Spring font with floral details

free spring font flora garden

This font has the cutest spring details with flowers and butterflies inside the letters. This is good for when you need really big text.

2. Delius Swash Caps – Spring font with Fun loops and curves

free spring font delius swash caps google font

This font isn’t only uppercase, but I really like the curls and loops of the uppercase letters.

3. Mona Flower – Bold sans serif font for spring with flowers

free spring font mona flower

I love this bold font with flowers. The flowers are pretty tiny so you’d want this font to be pretty large. When I used this one as inspiration in my own hand lettering journal, I didn’t draw the flowers, I just used stickers and it turned out really cute!

4. Rain Flowers – Quirky and cute font for spring

free spring font rain flowers

This is such a cute and slightly quirky font! It feels fresh with the small, intentional imperfections.

5. Mixcales – bold spring font with daisies

free spring font miscales

If you love daisies, this is the perfect font! I love the rounded and slightly pointy edges of the letters under the daisies.

6. Mini Garden – Uppercase font for spring

free spring font mini garden

This is a fresh uppercase font for spring. If you use a program to access the alternate glyphs, the 1 and 2 can become these cute leaves!

7. Ribeye – Free Google font for spring

free spring font ribeye from google fonts

This is a serif font that looks like faux calligraphy. I love the contrast of the bold downstrokes and the thin upstrokes. It feels fresh and cute for spring. Plus it’s a google font so it’s really accessible.

8. Sacramento – Delicate script font from google fonts

spring script font from google fonts

This is a gentle, monoline, cursive font that feels clean and fresh for spring. It’s a google font which makes it really easy to download.

9. New Pose – Uppercase font with flowers to color

free spring font new pose

This font only has uppercase. It would be a really fun font to make coloring pages for kids! All those cute flowers and butterflies inside!

10. Send Flowers – Script font for spring from google fonts

free spring font from google fonts send flowers

This is another delicate monoline font that would be perfect for spring. It’s dainty and clean with some curls and loops.

11. Happy Monkey – Simple Font for spring from google fonts

free font for spring happy monkey

This is a simple and cute font that is a good one to have for basic hand lettering. I like how it is rounded and it’s from google fonts.

12. Dandelion – Spring font with flowers

free spring font dandelion

This is an open calligraphy font with flowers sprinkled throughout the letters. This would be a fun font to color as well. It only comes in uppercase and it’s so cute and perfect for spring!

13. Butterfly Kids – Spring font for kids from google fonts

free spring font butterfly kids

This is a fun kids font for spring. It’s really curly and loopy with lots of imperfections. Quirky and fun for spring from google fonts!

14. Hello Florida – bold font with flowers for spring

free spring font hello florida

I love these fonts with the flowers on the letters if you can’t tell! I just love the bold letters underneath the sweet floral details.

15. Mali – Simple spring font from google fonts

free spring font mali

This is another simple font that is slightly quirky with touches of imperfections here and there.

16. Peaceful Nature – Serif font with flowers for spring

free spring font peaceful nature

I had to end on another floral font. This one is a serif font with the dainty floral details. So cute!

Need more spring hand lettering inspiration?

I created Spring Lettering Worksheets with a 30-Day Challenge to help you practice your hand lettering in spring styles! If you don’t feel like you have time to hand letter, try this challenge! The goal is to give you bite-size pieces to practice each day.

Spring Worksheets: 30 Days of Lettering

Practice hand lettering worksheets for spring

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  1. So excited to use these new fonts AND to join the challenge! I don’t know where you come up with all of your wonderful creative ideas, Sarah, but I’m sure thankful you do!! 🥰❤️🥰

  2. Thank you so much for all your inspiration. I have watched many of your videos and you offer the best help to get started hand lettering. I’ve been in a bit of a slump, so thank you for urging me to keep going!

    1. I’m so glad it’s been helpful! I’m sorry about your slump. I totally get it. It can be so tough!