Free DIY Mini Journal Template with One Sheet of Paper

I’ve been making these mini journals with my hand lettering as well as with pictures! All it takes is one sheet of paper! They are so simple and cute. I’ve made them for mother’s day and for father’s day. My daughter loves flipping through all of the pictures.

I’m sharing the template with you that I use to place pictures in this mini journal or create my own hand lettered mini journal. You can use it to add your own pictures or hand lettering.

It’s a template in Canva so it’s easy to drag and drop. You can use Canva for free!

Download the Journal Template here.

After you add your pictures, you’ll need to know how to fold them to make the mini journal! It’s really quick and easy, but best shown on video. Once you learn how to fold them you’ll want to make all the mini journals with all kinds of paper! I’ve been obsessed with making these!

Check out this video to learn how to fold it:

Here are examples of some mini journals I’ve made:

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  1. I love these little journals. I use them for all the things. I fold them for my kids to study with, anything and everything. Thanks for sharing!