Ecoline Brush Pens Review (Compared to Karin Markers)
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Ecoline Brush Pens Review (Compared to Karin Markers)

Here is my Ecoline Brush pens review so you can see if these brush pens will fit your lettering style. I’ll show you the Ecoline watercolor brush pens compared to the Karin Markers brush marker pro since that is a common question I’ve been asked. I’m going to show you here how they are similar and different and which one you should get for your style.

Ecoline Brush Pens Review (Compared to Karin Markers)

These are a little bit squeaky, but they’re definitely not the most squeaky brush pens that I have. The squeaky doesn’t bother me, that’s just something to note for those of you who are bothered by it. If you want to watch the full review and hear it for yourself, here is the YouTube video:

Ecoline Brush Pens Review

I really like the colors of these and they match the liquid watercolor bottles or jars. If you got the watercolor in the bottle it would be a lot more saturated. These in the brush pen are very juicy but the color is not as saturated. But they are more saturated and inky than most of my other brush pens. There are lots of different sets that you can choose from. I just got the five-piece set and then I got a couple more individually from a local art store. But I wish I had gotten a bigger to pack to start with because I love these so much. You can find Ecoline Brush pens on Amazon here (As an Amazon Affiliate I earn from qualifying purchases).

Another really cool thing about Ecoline brush pens is that you can rotate the nib. I feel like the nib may fray pretty quickly, but at least you could flip it around and use the other side. Also, they match the liquid watercolor in the jar which means you could refill your pen. You can unscrew the lid and add a few drops of the liquid watercolor into the body of the pen.

If you are just starting to learn lettering and would like some help with the basics, see my post Hand Lettering the Basic Strokes and download a free lettering worksheet.

Ecoline brush pens review. You are stronger than you think. Beautiful quote using brush lettering. Hand lettered quote with Ecoline brush pens. | Ensign Insights

Ecoline Compared to Karin Markers

I am comparing Ecoline and Karin because they are both great for watercolor lettering and I have gotten a lot of questions about which one is better. The Ecoline Brush Markers bleed slightly and warp thin paper, but they didn’t bleed completely through. Karin Markers bleed all the way through thin paper and it’s very obvious. This just means the Karin Markers are more juicy. Neither one is wrong, it just depends on what you’re looking for.

Ecoline liquid watercolor brush pens review. These are great for watercolor lettering. I'll give you a full review so you know if they fit with your lettering style. I'll also compare these to Karin Markers Brush Marker Pro. | Ensign Insights

If you are unfamiliar with Karin Markers, I reviewed the brush marker pro and decobrush metallics in my Karin Marker Review video. I would use Karin Markers on watercolor paper more than I would use Ecoline brush pens on watercolor paper since Karin Markers have a slightly more durable nib. But you could also flip around the nib of the Ecoline which you can’t do with Karin.

The main distinguishing factor between Ecoline brush pens and Karin Markers is the nib. The Ecoline nib is very soft. The Karin Markers nib is very firm. They are both a great flexibility with a good bounce. I would recommend both of them and I think both are worth the cost. It just comes down to whether you like a soft nib or a firm nib.

Do you agree with my review? Have you tried either of these brush pens? Which one do you prefer?

Ecoline watercolor brush pens review. These are liquid watercolor brush pens with high quality ink. I'll give you a full review so you know if they fit with your lettering style. I'll also compare these to Karin Markers. | Ensign Insights

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