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Easy Hand Lettering Alphabet Style For Beginners

This is the most universal hand lettering alphabet style! It’s great for hand lettering beginners or someone who wants to do some lazy lettering. I call it the Chunky Print Lettering style. When you don’t have time to letter but you really want to, this easy hand lettering alphabet style is just right!

Here’s the video with a demo of this lettering style:

Hand Lettering Alphabet: Chunky Print Lettering Style

I love this hand lettering alphabet style! It’s not just for beginners! I use it all the time especially when I need some lazy lettering because I don’t have a lot of time. I have some updated lettering worksheets to help you practice!

Chunky print lettering. Easy hand lettering alphabet style for beginners

5 Reasons why this is the most universal lettering style:

1. Easy for beginners!

The chunky print lettering style doesn’t have any lettering connections so it’s much easier right when you start. It’s a nice way to practice where the thick downstrokes and thin upstrokes are because you’re not worrying about connecting to the next letter. And it’s not just easy for beginners, I use it all the time when I want to be lazy or I don’t have much time!

2. You can change the style simply with the amount of pressure.

It’s so easy to get a very different look with this chunky print lettering style! Simply apply more or less pressure and you have a very different look! You can also use a small brush pen vs. a large brush pen and it will look different.

3. It’s super legible!

You can read the chunky print lettering style really easily! That means you can add all kinds of details in your letters and still be able to see the words clearly.

4. It’s good for long quotes.

Because it’s really legible, the chunky print lettering style is great for long quotes. It’s easier to read and quicker too.

5. It pairs well with script fonts.

This is my favorite part about the chunky print lettering style! It goes really well with script lettering styles! It’s nice to have a word stand out and add some interest to your quote. I love combining lettering styles, this one is the one I choose to combine over and over!

If you haven’t already started using this alphabet style, definitely try it out! And don’t forget to check out the Chunky Print Lettering worksheets! Use code: HELLOLETTERING for 20% off!

Chunky Print Hand Lettering Alphabet Style

Looking for a lettering style to combine with this one? Try Bounce Lettering!

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