Decluttering My Pen Inventory

These are all of the pens I’m decluttering! I will be sending them in bundles so you can sample each of the pens! I’ve had a lot of emails about the pens, so I can’t guarantee everyone will get one! Set your alarm so you don’t miss it.

I will be listing them in my Etsy shop on January 26, 2023 at 8 am PST. Make sure to convert that to your timezone so you don’t miss it. See the countdown timer below.

To increase your chances, you can bookmark my Etsy shop and go to it right at that time. I will also be sending an email a few minutes before with the link to my shop.

It will also help if you already have an Etsy account with the correct address. When you go to buy an item, you can “add to cart” or “buy now”. If you are logged in and already have your address on file, when you click “buy now” it’s a little faster.


Here’s what will be available:

  • 1 Notebook Therapy Journal
  • 1 Watercolor package (2 sets of watercolor and blank watercolor postcards)
  • 1 package with Archer & Olive Calliograph pens (10 markers)
  • 9 grab bag bundles with 26 markers each in random colors (at least one of each of the pens I’m decluttering)

Watch the Inventory videos

For more details on any of these pens, watch the inventory videos in this playlist.

Please make sure you know what you’re getting beforehand since I will not be accepting returns. They will be $1.00 plus shipping (I can’t list something for free). Shipping will be automatically calculated for wherever you live. I am giving the option of international shipping although I know it’s a lot more expensive! Remember, I’m not trying to make money on these, just trying to find them a happy home!

Pens I’m Decluttering:

Tombow Fudenosuke

11 pens total. 10 from the color set with hard nibs, 1 black soft nib. (small brush pen video)

Stabilo Pen 68

9 brush tip pens, 7 bullet tip pens, 1 black Fibralo brush pen. (large brush pen video and fine tip video)

Marvy ColorIn

18 brush pens, 17 bullet tip pens, 35 pens total. (large brush pen video and fine tip video)

Karin Markers

26 random colors plus 2 blender pens. (large brush pen video)

Marvy LePen Flex and more

17 Marvy brush pens, 3 black pens: Pilot Makase, Kuretake Fudegokochi, Daiso pen, 20 pens total. (small brush pen video)

Archer & Olive Calliograph

Dual ended large tip and small tip, both brush pens. 10 colors, tropical set. (small brush pen video)

Amazon Basics and Artist’s Loft

32 pens total, 24 Amazon Basics, 8 Artist’s Loft. Both dual ended with large brush pen and bullet tip. (large brush pen video)

Camlin brush pens

24 colors. These have a soft tip and work well for large, chunky lettering or blending and watercolor. Try a pen from India! (large brush pen video)

Tombow TwinTone

Fine Tip and Bullet Tip Dual Ended pens. 36 colors. (fine tip pen video)

Edding 1340

10 colors, these have such a nice brush tip! (large brush pen video)

Karin Marker Decobrush

10 metallic colors. The pink has metallic stuck so it doesn’t work as well on black paper but still works on white paper. (metallic brush pen video)

Ecoline Brush Pens

9 colors. Great for lettering or watercolor. Soft brush tip. (large brush pen video)

Marvy Opaque Metallic

6 metallic brush pens. (metallic brush pen video)

Kuretake Fudebiyori Metallic

6 metallic brush pens. (metallic brush pen video)

Notebook Therapy Journal

Dot grid journal, A5 size. (journal video)


I didn’t do a video with these! It’s the Prima Tropical watercolors and Jane Davenport watercolors. I’ll also include 13 Winsor & Newton blank watercolor postcards.