Free hand lettered “Confidence” printables


I teamed up with Lindsay from @lindsaydavisco to bring you some confidence boosting reminders! In the lettering world (world in general), we often have to remind ourselves to be confident in our abilities. Well that’s what I have for you here! Not one, but two freebies!

Lindsay has recently made a few fonts which you can find here. She shared with me her Hawaiian Pizza font and it is so fun! She created this free printable for you using the font.


Download your free 8×10 print here! (This print even has cutting marks so you can print at home and know exactly how to fit it to an 8×10 frame!)

I love the reminder that we are strong enough to conquer anything that comes in our way.

And here is the second freebie! I had fun playing around with this font so I made a phone background with my favorite animal, a giraffe of course!

Download your free confident giraffe phone wallpaper here!

Enjoy! This was Lindsay’s Hawaiian Pizza font. If you like it, make sure to check out her other fonts as well!

One thing I love about this font is all of the symbols. I just typed every letter of the alphabet in uppercase and lowercase and look how fun!

Enjoy your freebies! I hope you feel a little more confident each time you look at them!


The Gift of Time for my Grad (plus free wrapping paper!)


When I graduated from high school, my grandma gifted me a watch. It was a beautiful watch and I always got the most compliments when I wore it. I always felt proud to say, “My grandma gave it to me.” Well, it’s years later and I still think watches make the BEST graduation gifts. So today I’m sharing with you a unique watch plus free wrapping paper to beautifully gift it! There’s also a giveaway, so keep reading to the end!

Guess who is graduating now? My constant support and biggest fan, my husband! He is completing his Doctorate of Physical Therapy. He has been going to school for 7-8 years! He supported me as a first year teacher as he was in an intense part of his schooling. Somehow he still had the time to help me grade and calm my anxious teacher heart. It hasn’t all been easy for me either though. I had to be the “patient” many times so he could practice his doctor techniques. As a very ticklish person, this was basically torture. So it’s safe to say, we are both very excited for his schooling to come to an end.

His graduation is on Sunday which also happens to be Mother’s Day (I don’t know who planned that, but they should probably be fired). As much as I don’t want to combine the two on one day, I have a gift idea that can work for both a graduation gift and a unique Mother’s Day gift. ALSO, I have a free wrapping paper download below that will work for either!

Because this Mother’s Day/Graduation is a big day for us over here, I got really excited when JORD Watches sent me this cool watch to try out. I mean seriously, their watches are gorgeous! They would work as a Mother’s Day gift as well as the perfect graduation gift. You can even get an engraved watch for an extra personal touch.

I designed this free wrapping paper to be able to work with both. CELEBRATING YOU! Really, it can work for any occasion. I just printed it on regular paper. My beautiful watch box needed two sheets of paper so I just used gold washi tape to put them together.

Download your free wrapping paper here!

And one more exciting part about all of this!!! JORD watches is having a giveaway. One winner will receive a $100 gift code to their site. Everyone who enters will receive a $25 gift code just for entering! The giveaway ends at 11:59 CST 05/28/17.

Enter the giveaway!

You can see their women’s watches here, their men’s watches here, and my watch (pictured above) here.

Update (5-17-17): We just spent the weekend at my husband’s graduation and it was amazing! It was a little cold and windy, but it only rained for part of the time. I was able to take a few good pictures with my unique watch and my graduate.

Watches Made From Wood

Free “Create” Printable Bunting


Who loves a cute hand-lettered alphabet? Who loves buntings? Who loves free printables? If you do, you’re in the right place! I’ve got all of that for you! I’ve teamed up with my sister (Heather from and sister-in-law (Diane from to bring you 3 free bunting printables! Photo credit for these pictures goes to Diane! If you’re impressed by these, you should go see her food photos… stunning.

One of my favorite words is CREATE! I love to create and see the creativity of others.

This printable has 3 letters per page. Once you print them, they have guides for easy cutting. Just punch a couple holes in the top and thread it with yarn, twine, floss, string, etc. The letters are black so you can print on any color of paper to match your decor.

Download your free CREATE bunting printable here!

Would you rather have the word “family”? Go see Heather’s free FAMILY bunting!

Would you rather have the word “home”? Go see Diane’s free HOME bunting!

Need a completely different word? Maybe you want to customize a bunting for a birthday, baby shower, baby room, new last name for a wedding gift… I could go on. 🙂

How “giving up” made my life better

Freebies, Insights

I posted this story on Instagram and I was so grateful for the response! So here is the story again along with the hedgehog as a free download!


You may have already seen the story of why I started lettering. If not, you can find my story right here. It’s taken me about a year of healing, but I am in such a happy place right now. I was writing in my journal about an experience I had in November and this phrase jumped on the page, “My happiness is worth fighting for.”

So what happened in November? I’ll try to keep this short… I had accepted a position that put me in similar situations to my previous trauma. I thought I could handle it because I was “stronger” than before. But after even the first day in the position, it threw me right back to the darkness it had taken months for me to climb out of. I knew I couldn’t continue this, but I didn’t think I could get out of it. That would be “giving up” and I’m not a quitter. I continued for a few days, but each day got worse. That’s when heaven-sent messages helped me realize that by NOT “giving up” the position, I was “giving up” my happiness. Sometimes “giving up” is just a means to achieving your true goals. I was able to get out of the position smoothly without even burning any bridges.

This was the first time I had quit something and it has made me so much better and happier. We have more of ourselves to give to others when we’re happy. I know trials will continue to come, but I also know that my happiness is worth fighting for. I’m not giving up on that.

Download and print this free 8×10 print to remind yourself to fight for you happy. Click on the images below to download.



Don’t want to print right now? Pin for later!

If you would like to see the process behind sketching this (with lots of erasing) see this video: