5 Places to Buy Brush Pens Online

My 5 Favorite Places to Buy Brush Pens Online

Where do you buy brush pens? It can be really overwhelming to see all these pens that someone has when you have no idea where to even buy any of them. Does that sound familiar? I am just like you, when I see a new pen, I want to know exactly where to buy it and how to get the best deal on it. I sometimes spend way too long searching all the different sites to find the best deal. To help you, let me share with you my 5 favorite places to buy pens online.

My 5 Favorite Places to Buy Brush Pens Online

5 Places to Buy Brush Pens Online

1. Buying Brush Pens on Amazon

I’ll get this one out of the way first. There are lots of pens that really are the best price from Amazon and it’s really convenient so I always check there first. I have an organized Amazon list that I’ve created for you to help you find the pens I recommend. However, there are some pens that are either super expensive on Amazon or are not on Amazon at all. That brings me to number two.

2. Finding Specialty pens on Jetpens

I love looking for pens on Jetpens. They have a really helpful youtube channel with super detailed reviews of all the pens. They have all kinds of pens and I really like that they have an option to get any pen individually. This is how I got certain individual colors of Kuretake Fudebiyori. They have free US shipping over a certain amount so I normally wait until I have a cart full to buy.

Another thing they do that I love is they have different sampler packs. So you could try every pink pen or white pen or gold pen that they have. You could try a pack of different small brush pens or fountain pens. I got a bunch of different black fine liners this way so I could experiment and find which one I love. They have fancy pens and stationery, not as many art supplies which brings me to number 3.

3. Buying Brush pens from Blick

Blick has all kinds of art supplies from watercolor to oil painting to brush pens. I like to get individual brush pens from blick as well as Dr Ph Martins bleed proof white. They also do free US shipping when you spend a certain amount so I let my cart fill up before buying. From Blick, I got some individual Ecoline brush markers as well as Winsor and Newton watercolor markers. They also have other supplies like palettes and a circle helix maker I get asked about a lot. Blick is definitely somewhere to check. P.S. Blick also carries my book Hand Lettering for Beginners so that’s a great way to fill up your cart!

The Ultimate Brush Pen Guide

Before I get to the next one, I just want to mention this resource that may be helpful to you. It’s my Ultimate Brush Pen Guide. It goes over the 5 types of brush pens that every hand lettering beginner should know about. There’s also a list of where to find them. You can find it for free in the Lettering Library!

Brush Pen Guide for hand lettering beginners

4. Buying pens from Michaels, hobby lobby, or JoAnn

You may have some local craft stores you can check. The craft stores I go to are Michaels, Hobby Lobby, and Joann. My book is in-store at Michaels! They don’t always have specialty pens but they have a good amount of brush pens and other art supplies. And you can normally find a sale or coupon to use so that’s always nice. I like going in-store, but I normally check online beforehand especially if I’m searching for a certain type of pen.

Before I get into number 5, an honorable mention is Etsy. It’s not my first place to search but I do search there when I get really desperate. There are lots of shops that sell specialty pens that you can’t find in other places. That’s how I found the Pentel Touch brush pens in brand new colors before they were available anywhere else in the US. Here is the shop where I bought mine from.

5. Buying brush pens from Tokyo pen shop

Tokyo Pen Shop has really fancy specialty pens and stationery, not necessarily other art supplies. It’s really good. They also do free US shipping when you spend a certain amount. I like that they have individual pens. They have some pens that I haven’t seen anywhere else. This is where I bought the Zebra Mildliner brush pens in the new colors. I couldn’t find them anywhere else at the time when they first came out.

I’m just so glad there are so many places to buy brush pens online because if one place doesn’t have what you’re looking for, another place might. Do you agree with my list? I know it also depends on where in the world you live. Are there any you’d add or anything specific to where you live? Let me know!

I also want to remind you that the way you create right now is exactly where you need to be. Even if you only have one type of pen. You’re doing a really good job. If you want to see what pens I recommend to start hand lettering with, check out my post 3 Best Brush Pens for Hand Lettering Beginners.

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