editing instagram photos on your phone

The Secret to Editing Instagram Photos on your phone


I’m so glad you’re here! As you know, getting noticed on Instagram is not easy. It’s so important to have beautiful photos. This means they need to be well lit. But how do you get well lit photos without all the professional equipment? I’ve got you covered.

I lived in an apartment where the windows did not provide good lighting. They were either too high or the balcony above us blocked the sun. So when everyone said to use lots of natural light, I didn’t even have that option. Plus it was in western Washington so it was cloudy and gray most of the time. I used 3 lamps and the editing tricks in my free guide. Now that I’m in Alaska, I have a beautiful window that gives me great natural light. I just have to make sure to photograph in the morning or later in the evening. You don’t want to take a photo in direct sunlight because the lighting will be too harsh. Overcast days actually give great lighting.

Go to the Insider Library to download your free guide.

I am giving you a free guide below showing you how I use the app called After Light. It is my favorite photo editing app! It is 99 cents but I literally use it every day. So worth it. I also like A Color Story and they have some free features, but After Light is the only app I’ve found that lets you brighten the whites without brightening the parts you want to keep dark. Pretty good for only a dollar!

Here are some examples:


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