April Challenge: Lettering with Insights


I started lettering at a time when I needed someone to help remind me how to be happy. I had lower self-esteem than I had ever had in my life. I was struggling with daily tasks because somehow everything seemed so hard. You can read the full story and how hand lettering changed my life here. Or keep reading to download the April Challenge.

I look back at that time and see that most of the things that were causing my pain were out of my control. But there is one thing that I know I could have changed that would have made a huge difference. What is that one thing? My self-talk. It was mostly all negative. If you have ever told yourself something negative, just know you are not alone. But why do we do this to ourselves??? Why is it so much easier to tear ourselves down than to build up? I don’t know the answer to that, but I know that if we change it, we can improve our lives.

I am cordially inviting you to join me in the month of April to participate in an insightful lettering challenge. It’s one thing to hear compliments from others, it’s another thing to actually believe them yourself. That’s why the words this month are all about positive self talk. The goal is to feel more confident and positive about life by the end of the month.

Not only are the words positive self talk, there is one for every letter of the alphabet to practice your hand lettering skills. I even created practice sheets for these words in two different styles. You can participate with or without the practice sheets. If you would like to download the basic strokes for free and grab a coupon code for the practice sheets, check out the insider library.

And finally, here is the April Challenge. I’ve teamed up with The Print Mint to bring you this challenge. How do you join? 1- Letter the words each day. 2- When you post to Instagram, tag us @ensigninsights and @theprintmintshop. 3- Use the hashtag #letteringwithinsights and if you are using your Artline stix use the hashtag #artline_printmint. That’s it! I hope this will be an “insightful” month for you as we all work on positive self talk. You can either screen shot the image below or download the challenge.

I’ll see you on Instagram!



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