How “giving up” made my life better

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I posted this story on Instagram and I was so grateful for the response! So here is the story again along with the hedgehog as a free download!


You may have already seen the story of why I started lettering. If not, you can find my story right here. It’s taken me about a year of healing, but I am in such a happy place right now. I was writing in my journal about an experience I had in November and this phrase jumped on the page, “My happiness is worth fighting for.”

So what happened in November? I’ll try to keep this short… I had accepted a position that put me in similar situations to my previous trauma. I thought I could handle it because I was “stronger” than before. But after even the first day in the position, it threw me right back to the darkness it had taken months for me to climb out of. I knew I couldn’t continue this, but I didn’t think I could get out of it. That would be “giving up” and I’m not a quitter. I continued for a few days, but each day got worse. That’s when heaven-sent messages helped me realize that by NOT “giving up” the position, I was “giving up” my happiness. Sometimes “giving up” is just a means to achieving your true goals. I was able to get out of the position smoothly without even burning any bridges.

This was the first time I had quit something and it has made me so much better and happier. We have more of ourselves to give to others when we’re happy. I know trials will continue to come, but I also know that my happiness is worth fighting for. I’m not giving up on that.

Download and print this free 8×10 print to remind yourself to fight for you happy. Click on the images below to download.

Don’t want to print right now? Pin for later!

If you would like to see the process behind sketching this (with lots of erasing) see this video:


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