5 things I wish I knew when I started hand-lettering

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Hand-lettering has done so much for my life! I seriously love it and want everyone to learn! I know there are so many resources out there to learn, so why would I add to it? Because it makes my heart happy knowing that I get to share something that I love so much! Read to the very end for the freebie! Here we go, 5 things I wish I knew when I started hand-lettering:

1) What pens I should start with! There are so many brush pens out there. It’s good to try a lot to see what you like, but it can be overwhelming if you don’t even know where to start. See my full post for a complete review.

2) What paper I should use! If I had known these tricks, I would have saved a lot of my pens from fraying… See my full post.

3) How to “fake” calligraphy. Fauxligraphy is a real thing, not cheating! I thought I was cheating and had to keep it a secret. But it’s actually real, and if you want to do chalk lettering or sign lettering, you’ll do this all the time! See my full tutorial.

4) How to hold my pen! Everyone holds the pen differently and that’s okay as long as you are comfortable. But there is a trick to the angle of the pen that will make your letters much more consistent. See my full post.

5) Practice different fonts! There isn’t just one way to write a letter. It’s good to look at all types of fonts. Find things you like and don’t like about each font. As you practice different fonts, you will start to find your own style. This is why I have created brush lettering workbooks to help you learn! This is what you will get in each workbook:

::Brush Lettering Guide and 30 days of Lettering with Insights for SMALL and LARGE brush pens COMPLETE BUNDLE – A list of small and large brush pens and paper to start with, 3 pages of basic strokes, 55 pages of guide sheets for each letter of the alphabet in TWO fonts, uppercase and lowercase, 2 pages of blank practice sheets, a list of insightful words to letter each day to practice every letter of the alphabet, 35 pages of guide sheets for each word and an activity for each day, the guide sheets have the words in both font styles for style practice, and access to personalized tips and encouragement from me.


Not sure if you are ready? Grab some sample pages for FREE in my Insider Library! You will get the basic strokes for small and large brush pens- totally free. Plus, you will get a promo code to get a discount on any of my workbooks! (I don’t want to undersell the heart and time I have put into these, but I want to make them accessible).

If you are already an Email Insider, you will be able to enter right away. If not, you can still get these freebies immediately after you become an Email Insider!

Happy lettering!


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