3 easy steps to perfect hand lettering videos


Lettering videos are going viral all over Instagram. I’m sure you would agree that it is so satisfying to watch how someone is going to connect their letters, blend colors, and complete their piece. Posting lettering videos can really make your Instagram account stand out.



The problem is, it’s really hard to get good quality videos. Have you tried the “letter with one hand while holding the camera in the other” technique? Or the “get someone who is willing to stand next to you with a very steady hand” technique? I’ve been there. The struggle is real. So how does someone get stunning videos??? I have put together for you 3 steps to a stunning lettering video:

  • 1- Place/prop/set your phone.
  • 2- Record.
  • 3- Edit.
  1. Place/prop/set your phone. The first thing is finding somewhere to hold your phone. I recently found this amazing gooseneck tripod on Amazon for only $10. Best purchase ever! I have seen tripod suggestions for up to $80. As amazing as I’m sure they are, that doesn’t fit in my budget right now. But I can do $10, and in my opinion, this simple gooseneck tripod is easier to work with. Clip it to your table, set your phone, adjust the neck for the best angle, and that’s it! So easy!

Click the photo to buy this tripod!

While you are waiting for your tripod to be delivered (or if you are not ready to spend $10), here is the alternative. In the end, no one will be able to tell which method you used, this one can be a little more tricky because you will be balancing your phone on a vase/books/the nutella jar. Put your phone above and in front of where you are lettering so you are actually filming upside down. That way you don’t have to work around your phone, it is safely out of the way. Mind blowing right?? I learned this trick from Kate at @itskateshandwriting. You can balance it on almost anything.


Click the photo to see her Instagram page and original post.

2. Record. Now it’s time to record. Let me first give you some lighting tips. Look at this photo from my video recording station:


(Yes, my lettering station is set up in between my sewing machine and my serger. You may not know that sewing was my life before I met the brush pen).

I am set up next to a nice, big window. I know this isn’t always possible. Also, I live in the PNW so it’s cloudy and rainy a lot which means this doesn’t always do me much good anyway. (This just happens to be where my desk is).

I have a lamp that I can clip onto anything and point it in the direction I want. I bought it at Walmart for $5-10. It is smart to have two lamps to shine from either direction so you don’t have a shadow. However, I make it work with one lamp alright.

I use the Hyperlapse app to record. That way I can choose the speed so it will fit under a minute. If you don’t have an iPhone, I’ve heard of the Hyper TimeLapse for Android. I have also recently used VideoCam. It’s cool because you can pause in the middle of your video and change the speed throughout.

3. Edit. This is where we make the video really pop. When you record a video on your phone, it is the height of the phone. If you take that right into Instagram, you can’t crop it very well. It will only crop the center, you can’t move it up or down. I have a solution!

When I record my videos, I make sure I work in a space that can fit in a square. I then open up the VIDEO CROP app. You can crop a square and move it anywhere around the video. You can make it a small square or a big square. Go try it out! The app is free!


I then open up the VIDEO FILTERS app to brighten my video. Instagram filters for videos are just ok. I have found some great filters in this app! I normally just use the “brighter” filter. Sometimes I try the “chromic” or “vivid.” Each video is different because it depends on how the lighting was when you filmed.


If you used Kate’s method – the upside down method, you will open up the ROTATE AND FLIP app (These apps are all by the same person and all free!). In this app, you will be able to turn your video right-side-up. This is where your mind is blown by how good this looks with your hand out of the way!


Here is an example of the upside down method in action:

Here are some fun pumpkin videos I recorded! You can check out my other videos on Youtube here.


6 thoughts on “3 easy steps to perfect hand lettering videos

  1. Love your tip about balancing the phone. I just tried the same idea, but balanced my phone on the shelves in my kitchen to make a recipe video. Perfect, and way easier than trying to figure out how to make my limited equipment work. Can’t wait to try your app suggestions for editing!


  2. I’ve seen a lot of lettering posts on Instagram and elsewhere where the paper on which the lettering is done, is surrounded by objects like pens, coffee mugs and small plant pots. I wanted to know what is that thing called (I mean, is there a specific term used for decorating your work like that?)

    To give you an idea of what I mean, here are a few links to images of lettering surrounded by all sorts of things… BTW you have a nice blog 🙂


    THIS ONE’S YOURS: https://ensigninsights.files.wordpress.com/2016/10/img_7105.jpg?w=1180&h=1180


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