Artline Stix Brush Marker Review


If you are a beginner hand letter artist or an experienced hand letter artist, you will love these brush markers.

If you already know you want these, find them here. I know they can be hard to find.

Here are 3 reasons you need the Artline Stix brush markers in your collection:

  1. Easier than the Tombow Dual Brush. Don’t get me wrong. I could write a whole list on why you need Tombows in your collection. I love them. But when you are starting out, Tombows can be difficult to work with. Because the Artline Stix has a shorter tip, they are easier to work with. This also means they are a great in-between size. I like my Tombow or Pentel Fudes for smaller designs and Tombow Dual Brush for bigger designs, but I didn’t have a medium size until I found the Artline Stix!
  2. Vibrant colors and natural ombre. This is actually the main reason I tried these out in the first place. I fell in love with the vibrant colors. When I saw other posts of the Artline Stix, I always thought they had done something extra to give it an ombre effect. It turns out, the markers do it naturally! Please insert all the heart eyes here!
  3. Fun and inexpensive! These markers are literally like legos. You can connect them and stack them. How fun! I cannot tell you how many comments I get about these markers! Everyone wants to get their hands on them.

Find Artline Stix brush markers on Amazon

Update: You can also find these markers from The Print Mint Etsy shop here. They have a 20 pack, 12 pack, and 6 pack.

I love the Artline Stix brush markers and I am so pleased with my purchase. To make this a complete review, here are a few downsides:

  • There are only 20 colors instead of Tombow’s or Crayola’s endless colors.
  • You can’t find them in America (But Amazon Prime is even better than going to the store!).
  • They sometimes bleed through the paper (not like Sharpie bleeding, just slightly).

Watch my full review on Youtube!

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5 thoughts on “Artline Stix Brush Marker Review

  1. This is an amazing video. I just started learning hand lettering and they are the best markers. You can also buy them in America a 20 pack at and they are a few dollars cheaper with cheaper shipping.

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  2. I have a difficulties in thin strokes huhu. when I try doing thin strokes, it becomes thick. Its been my difficulty since day one. Any advises? (Artline Stix)


    1. Thin upstrokes can be very difficult! A lot of it is practice to get the muscle memory. I have basic strokes practice sheets in my Insider Library to give you some strokes to practice. Make sure you have very light pressure on the upstrokes. You barely want to touch the paper to get it very thin. I hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions!


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