5 reasons why PENCILS are the BEST


As a teacher, I know the importance of having pencils around. Everyone always needs a pencil. When I started lettering, my need for pencils grew more than ever. Now I would say I don’t just need pencils, I LOVE pencils. Here are 5 reasons why:IMG_6063-ANIMATION

  1. You can get amazing letters no matter your skill level. You don’t need fancy, expensive pens to learn to letter! Every pen flows a little bit differently. The first time I tried writing with a Tombow Dual Brush, I thought I had suddenly lost all ability to write beautifully. Turns out, it’s just hard to switch from the thick downstroke to the very thin upstroke and takes practice. In the meantime, PENCILS!
  2. You don’t have to worry about those pesky thin upstrokes. A pencil is thin. Thus, you will get thin upstrokes. You can do faux calligraphy by coloring in the downstrokes to get a feel for it. This kind of practice makes it that much easier when you use a brush pen.
  3. Pencils make your mistakes look good. We learn by making mistakes. The more mistakes we make, the more we learn. With a pencil, you can erase, rewrite, cross out, or tweak slightly without harm. Somehow mistakes don’t look as drastic with a pencil as they do with a brush pen. Pencils help you feel comfortable in your mistakes. pencil
  4. Save money and time. Pens cost money. I am surprised how soon some pens run out of ink or start to fray. I am sure you can agree, there is nothing more frustrating than to complete a piece and realize it’s not centered or your flourishes didn’t match up right. You have to do the whole piece again. That means more ink and more paper. Starting with pencils gives you the ability to get it perfect before laying it out in ink.IMG_6023
  5. Find your style. No matter what medium you are using, a pencil can look like anything. Maybe you are using a Tombow Dual Brush, maybe you are using water color, or maybe you are using a classic pointed pen. All of them can be sketched with a pencil. You can sketch out different fonts, different compositions, or even try sketching in a giraffe.


Just like in a classroom, when you hand letter, pencils are a must have. Pencils are the best!


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