10 Free Fonts for Valentine’s Day to Inspire Your Hand Lettering

Here are my favorite free fonts for Valentine’s Day! They’re free for commercial use too! You can use them to create Valentine’s Day cards, coloring pages, designs for Cricut, or inspire your hand lettering in your journal!

I like to add unique fonts to my iPad and use them in Goodnotes, Procreate, and Affinity Designer. I also have the Cricut Design Space app on my iPad so I can use the font directly in my Cricut designs.

But one of my favorite ways to get hand lettering inspiration is by looking at fonts! I like to use fonts as a reference when I’m designing quotes in my journal. You could also print out the font and use it to trace as you practice your hand lettering!

10 Free Fonts For Valentine’s Day

I searched all the font websites to find the best Valentine’s Day fonts. There are so many cute ones, but some were for personal use only. So here are my favorite free Valentine’s Day fonts for commercial use as well!

1. Always Amora – Valentine’s Day Font in Uppercase

I love the cute hearts in this uppercase font! This gives me so many ideas of how to decorate my own letters in my journal! cute hearts in bold font.

2. Lovely Balloon – Valentine’s Day Font Inside Heart Balloons

These are the cutest party balloons! In this font, uppercase and lowercase make the balloons go higher or lower so you can bounce them or keep them in a straight line. This would make a really festive Valentine’s Day spread in your bullet journal!

3. Heartland – Bold Valentine’s Day Font with cute hearts

This bold and quirky font is so fun! I love that it looks like someone added a bunch of heart stickers on the letters.

4. Love Adelia – Quirky font with hearts

This font has subtle hearts mostly just dotting the i and j. I love the cute quirky handwritten style. And if you use a program that can access alternate glyphs like Adobe Illustrator or Affinity Designer (what I use), the () are hearts like in the picture. So cute!

5. Rosa Bright – Cartoon Valentine’s Font with hearts

This is such a happy and bold font for Valentine’s Day! This would make great words to color on a coloring page. The letters have hearts or dots inside and they change with uppercase and lowercase. If you use a program to access alternate glyphs the 1 and 2 are the three accent hearts you see in the picture.

6. Loveya – Calligraphy font for Valentines’ Day

This is a beautiful calligraphy font for Valentine’s Day with subtle hearts on the flourishes. All of the uppercase letters have a small heart and some of the lowercase letters do. If you use a program to access the alternate glyphs, there are several options for flourishes with cute hearts. You could print out this font to get some ideas to add flourishes to your own calligraphy!

7. Place Love – round Font with hearts for Valentine’s Day

This is a rounded, bubble font with hearts inside the letters. I love this cute font for Valentine’s Day! It’s bold and sweet at the same time.

8. Lovely Valentine – Cursive font with hearts

This is a gentle, monoline, cursive font that’s perfect for Valentine’s Day because it has hearts on all of the uppercase letters. I love monoline script style fonts and I absolutely love how they’ve added the little heart flourishes. This would be so fun to add to your own hand lettering!

9. Nora Love – Bold Sans Serif Font for Valentine’s Day with hearts

This is such a fun bold, sans-serif font with hearts! The uppercase and lowercase changes whether the hearts are on the top or bottom of the letter so you can have some variation.

10. Brittany Charming – HandWritten font for Valentine’s Day

This is such a sweet handwritten font with hearts and stars! This is a cute idea to had some hearts to your own hand lettering. If you use a program to access alternate glyphs, the 1 and 2 are hearts or stars embellishments. You can also change the lowercase y to have hearts on the end like in “day” in this photo.

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